Taylor Dior

Level 10 Competitive Gymnast & SAG Actress

Taylor trains at North Stars Gymnastics. She is training level 10 and possibly Junior Elite.  Her favorite event is floor!

Taylor did her first year of level 10 in 2019.  She made the 2019 Junior A National Team after scoring 37.5 at regionals. At Nationals, she placed 11th in the nation out of 56 gymnasts on vault and 15th out of 56 gymnasts on floor.

The skills Taylor has competed and the skills she's currently working on:
VT: Double Twisting Yurchenko
BARS: Piked Ray, Full Out
BM: Switch Leg Side Aerial, Side Aerial Full Dismount, One Arm BHS Layout Stepout, Standing Front Tuck
FL: Triple Full, Piked Full In, Double Layout, Whip Double Pike

Taylor is currently homeschooled and is class of 2025.  Her favorite subjects are Math and Science.  Her mom received a Bachelor's in Finance and Actuarial Science from NYU Business School.  Her dad is a Day Trader.  Her uncle received his Master's in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering....The knack for STEM runs in the family.  


Latest Skills Aug 2020

2019 Junior Olympic Championships

Age 9 -Double Backs and more

Jan 2016 competition - First place All Around!

At Taylor's competition Jan 2016. First place. 9.6!


Nov 2014 - 1st place All Around 37.15! Floor Champ 9.7, Bars Champ 9.5!

Taylor is the 2014 New York State Gymnastics Champion!

Taylor is a USAG gymnast at a nationally ranked gym. 

Taylor's personal best scores:
VAULT 9.7 *FLOOR 9.625 *BARS 9.5 *BEAM 9.2

7y/o Taylor Dior 36.95 AA score! 9.5 Bars Champion!!

6y/o Taylor Dior in her 2nd competition of 2013 season. Dec 2013.

6y/o Taylor in her first competition of 2013 season!!!

6y/o Taylor made the KIP on bars! Wow!!!

Wow finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been trying to get this skill on the bars for months! Even if you think it looks easy, it's NOT haha! Taylor kept trying and trying and trying, then POW!


6y/o Taylor works on her new floor routine





Taylor's first state championship competiton!

Her team won the state champs!

6y/o Taylor Dior preps for State Champs!

6y/o Taylor Dior vault at USAG gymnastics meet. First Place. 9.6!!!

6y/o Taylor Dior floor routine at USAG gymnastics meet. First Place. 9.4!!!

6y/o Taylor practicing level 5 vault

She's currently a level 3 gymnast but tries upper level skills at practice.

6y/o Taylor Dior doing a PRESS HANDSTAND wow!

6y/o Taylor Dior doing aerials and backflips

6y/o Taylor practicing LEVEL 4 bar routine

She is a level 3 gymnast but working on learning and perfecting level 4 routine so she's ready for next season

6y/o Taylor doing a cartwheel on the balance beam


Bars at practice

VAULT at her first gymnastics meet 2012! age 5

Another (they get to try the vault twice at the meets)

Taylor showed early signs of talent in gymnastics...this was her at AGE 2..not even 2.5y/o yet!