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Hurdles and Sprints - Union Catholic '25

Phylicia Rashad and Chris Myers give amazing praises to Taylor during interview!



Dec 15, 2013

"Precious Taylor Dior, the girl who so effectively embodies Raynell. She enunciates precisely and is perfectly at home on stage."

-Fred Sokol, TalkinBroadway.com

Jan 22, 2014

"Taylor Dior as the seven-year-old Raynell, delivers a spot-on characterization of Troy’s youngest offspring and an appealing hope for a new generation."

-Donald Gilpin, TownTopics.com

Jan 20, 2014

"Rose and Troy raise Raynell, played with pluck by Taylor Dior."

-Liz Keill, TheAlternativePress.com

Jan 23, 2014

"The final actor to mention is Taylor Dior, a child who plays the role of Raynell. She’s cute as can be, but also plays an important part at the play’s end."

-Anthony Stoeckert, CentralJersey.com

Jan 20, 2014

"Young Raynell (the winsome Taylor Dior.)"

-Ronni Reich, The Star-Ledger 

Dec 6, 2013

"Little Taylor Dior the child who plays Raynell with artless sincerity." 

-Donald Brown, NewHavenReview.com

Dec 10, 2013

"Young Taylor Dior does a fine turn as a six-year-old girl who represents the future."

-Julie Stern, NewtownBee.com

Jan 28, 2014

"Taylor Dior is adorably splendid in a second-act role as Lyons and Cory’s sister."

-N Zoren, NealsPaper.com

Dec 9, 2013

"Dior is a delight as Raynell"

-Sherry Shameer Cohen, BroadwayWorld.com

Dec 6, 2013

"Dior is cute as a button and breathes a breath of fresh air into the production, much like Raynell does for the Maxson family." 

-Lauren Yarger, CTArts.Blogspot.com

Dec 5, 2013

"Little Taylor Dior evinces a great deal of talent and poise."


Dec 5, 2013

"Taylor Dior is a find and a delight as Raynell."

-Frank Rizzo, Courant.com

Dec 5, 2013

"Final moment with his sister Raynell (an irresistibly darling Taylor Dior) is genuinely moving."

-E. Kyle Minor, NHRegister.com

Feb 10, 2013

"Thank you for bringing Taylor today. Of course, she did wonderfully. We are all excited to see where the journey takes Taylor. She has a long exciting future ahead of her, and I commend you for all that you to make that possible. She was perfect."

-Michelle Jackson, Casting Director/Writer/Director

Jan 12, 2013

"Taylor! congrats I directed you in Adam Roebucks off bway play I knew you were a very special little girl!! Break legs little diva!"

-Elizabeth Galagarza, Director

Oct 31, 2012

"Dear Kim. On behalf of SUPERnova Casting and Director Debra Kent we wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your professional, smart, and enjoyed talent Taylor Dior. From a timely arrival to taking direction well, she was a bundle of joy and appreciated on set! Thanks again, we hope to work together soon."

-Walid Chaya, Casting Director & Filmmaker/Producer