Taylor Cox

Hurdles and Sprints - Union Catholic '25

Taylor's Acting Reel

6y/o Taylor Dior as Miss Spider in Miss Spider's Tea Party

Theater Production

Cheerios "Just Checking"

We were sent this script for a Cheerios parody. We finished the self-tape a day too late and they had already chosen their actors, but here it is!

Sweet Brown impersonation

Happy to get her hair straightened

AOL national commercial set

Taylor's monologue Jan 2012, just turned age 5. She had one weekend to learn it! (Monologue: "My Mom is Crazy" girl age 6-8)

This is the first monologue Taylor learned. She loves learning and performing. And she loves acting! :))
Monologue: Jenna's parents just got a divorce. Today was her first day at a new school in a new town.

Take 2

Monologue "My Mom is Crazy" for girls age 6-8

Monologue at age 4

Want to see videos of Taylor doing more than acting?, click one of the below...